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YouTube TV is Google paid TV streaming service. And it is now available on Amazon Fire TV. YouTube TV offers 85+ Channels which ensures that all your favorite channels are available on YouTube TV. Due to some clashes between Google and Amazon, YouTube TV was removed from Amazon FireStick. However, the matter is solved, and now YouTube TV is officially available on Amazon FireStick. The availability of YouTube on Firestick & Fire TV is a piece of good news for FireStick users. You can easily find YouTube TV on the amazon store. No other story is much happier than hearing YouTube TV is now officially available on Amazon Fire TV. Whenever I hear the sentence, it increases my happiness.

YouTube is the most fantastic Media portal, and you can download and install it on Amazon Fire TV. If you are living in the United States, you can easily enjoy the YouTube TV app on FireStick. YouTube TV provides every information about general trends around the globe and entertains you with thousands of movies, Serials, and Episodes. If you are getting bore, turn on your FireStick, open YouTube e TV and enjoy to kill your boring time. You can also read How to Install Vudu on Firestick

How to Install YouTube TV app on Your Amazon Firestick

Here in this article, we will learn how to install YouTube TV on FireStick. I will guide you simply and effortlessly. And I am sure you will not face any problem during installing YouTube TV on Amazon FireStick. I am writing a simple guide consisting of an easy step. So that you can understand my words easily.

By three Ways, You can Install YouTube TV on FireStick:

Method 1: Use Amazon Store to Install YouTube TV on FireStick officially
Method 2: You can also Install 3rd Party YouTube TV app on Amazon Fire TV Stick
Method 3: Use FireStick Browser to run YouTube TV App

Install and watch YouTube TV App on Amazon Fire TV officially

You can install YouTube TV on FireStick quickly by adopting the Primary Method given below:

  • First of all, turn on your Amazon FireStick.
  • Wait till FireStick starts properly
  • Click the Search option on the upper right corner
  • Type “YouTube TV” in the search box and wait for loading your result
  • Click on YouTube TV App in the search result
  • Press Get or Download to get YouTube on FireStick
  • It may take some time to complete the Download
  • After complete Download, FireStick will automatically install YouTube
  • Open the installed app to run YouTube TV on FireStick

How to Install 3rd Party YouTube TV App

Before starting a single step, I am to be noticed that this is a third-party app. But I am assuring you that it will work like the Original YouTube TV app. Share your problem in the comment section if you face while using this third party app. YouTube TV on amazon FireStick is a source of entertainment and enjoyment. Trust me; I am friendly saying this. How you can install YouTube TV on Fire TV is explained here:

  • First of all, open Settings of FireStick from the Home Screen. You can find this option on the top
  • There is an option on the setting menu named “MY Fire TV”. Select it
  • Turn on Developer Option and allow “Apps from unknown sources.”
  • After turning this ON, go back to the Home Screen
  • Search Downloader on the Search Option
  • When you get a result, click the Downloader App
  • Install Downloader App and Open it
  • Select Text Box by clicking Home Tab
  • Copy and paste this URL in the Text box there are two options in the bottom “Previous and Go”. Click GO
  • Downloading of the YouTube TV app will start. Wait for its completion
  • Install the YouTube TV app on FireStick, when the install option comes
  • You will able to Open your YouTube TV app when it gets installed successfully
  • Press Done and delete your YouTube TV Apk file
  • You have to click Delete option two times
  • Congratulation and Celebration! You have done well. Find your newly installed YouTube TV App on FireStick from the Apps list.

Download and Install YouTube TV app through FireStick Browser

To Watch YouTube TV on FireStick, you can use the Silk Browser. You have not to worry about finding Silk Brower as it is already installed on your Amazon FireStick or Fire TV. If there is no Silk Browser present on your FireStick or you have uninstalled it by mistake, don’t take it as a burden. I am here with each solution. Follow my instructions mentioned below:

  • In the Search Box on the home screen of FireStick, write Silk Browser.
  • Wait for its result
  • Then click Silk Browser icon on the Screen
  • There will be a Download Button. What are you waiting for? Just press it.
  • It may take a minute for its compete Download.
  • Install Silk Browser on your Amazon FireStick
  • Open your installed Silk Browser on Fire TV and Enter this URL:

How to Bring YouTube TV icon on Home screen of FireStick

You have installed the YouTube TV app on Amazon FireStick straightforwardly using the above steps. On complete installation, most of the people want to see the YouTube icon on the Home Screen of their FireStick App. It is because we watch YouTube TV most on FireStick and it is time taking first to find YouTube TV in the Apps list. To make it convenient, we make a shortcut to YouTube TV App on the FireStick Home Screen. You have to use remote to create a shortcut icon on the home screen of Amazon Fire TV.

The steps to move the YouTube TV icon are given below:

  • Press the Home Button on your remote.
  • Select the option “Apps” from the menu
  • In the list of installed apps, select YouTube App
  • There is an Open button on your remote. Press it and then select “Move” from the popup.
  • Selecting the Move option, you can move the YouTube icon where you want.
  • Drop and Place the YouTube icon on the desired position by7 pressing the Select Button.
  • Congrats! You have done very well. Come back to the home page of your FireStick to see the Shortcut icon.

on YouTube TV

When you start your newly installed YouTube TV app for the first time on your Amazon Fire TV, there will appear an option of “Sign in”. You can Sign in YouTube TV app now quickly without any effort. You can also leave it without signing in because Sign-in is optional. But I recommend you to Sign on YouTube TV app on your FireStick. It is because it will help you in unblocking some restricted content. You can Restart your firestick if you face any problems in any step.

By signing in, you will able to see all your subscriptions and watch History. The reason is that, by signing in, YouTube TV will connect to your Google ID. So you can view Your Early History and liked videos. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to sign on YouTube TV on FireStick. It is not much difficult and tricky. I am going to tell you How to sign in the YouTube TV app on your Amazon FireStick. But your close and full attention is required before starting this lesson. Sign on YouTube TV is fully explained in these following simple and straightforward steps:

  • When opening YouTube TV app on FireStick for the first time, you will see the next window on the Screen:
  • Please search on your Computer or Phone.
  • Now you have to enter the Sign in code when your result is ready.
  • Sign in using your Google ID.
  • You “Sign in” process is done now.

Devices that Supports YouTube TV app

Now we are talking about devices that support YouTube TV Ap. There are a lot of devices, and I am going to mention the names of devices that will support your YouTube TV app on your Amazon FireStick. These list of names are given below:

  • FireStick of Second Generation
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation)
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube (First Generation)
  • Fire TV Second and Third Generation


Is YouTube TV is available on Fire TV?

Yes, YouTube TV is officially available on FireStick.

Can it is possible to watch YouTube TV on Firestick?

Yes, there is no issue in watching YouTube TV on FireStick.

How can we watch free video content on YouTube TV App on Firestick?

You can watch unlimited free videos on YouTube Fire TV using Kodi Addons.


This article is written only for guiding you on how to install YouTube TV on the FireStick. We have given you the right and legal information about YouTube TV on FireStick. We do not promote any illegal activity on YouTube TV on FireStick. Avoid Piracy because we highly discourage it.


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