How to Add and Watch Twitch On Roku TV – Detailed Guide

Twitch was the best application to install on Roku. In 2017, the Official Twitch App was removed entirely from the original app store, and new users are unable to install twitch on Roku on the Roku TV devices. There are two services Roku Player and Roku Tv. Twitch is not available on the Roku App Store to install directly. Already installed applications are remains installed on the Roku tv, but new installations are not allowed because Roku Application Store officially removed Twitch App. Still, there are some methods available to install Twitch on Roku. Today, we will teach you how to install Twitch on Roku in 2020. You can also read how to install Vudu on Firestick

Methods to Install Twitch

People were asking on forums that twitch not working on Roku. This is because Twitch removed from Roku. We will guide you on how to watch Twitch on Roku in 2020. Getting Twitch on Roku Tv is still possible and we are going to share the complete guide and details about Twitch. There are the following two methods to install Twitch.

How to Install Twitch on Roku TV

The method and application we sharing are completely working in 2020. You just have to follow the given steps below to install this application. Turn on your Roku tv and follow the given instructions.

This application is also not available on the Roku App Store because this is an unofficial app, and the developers are not known, so this app is not published on the Roku App Store. To install this Unofficial, you have to use the feature of “Add Channel with Code.” Surely, This is a simple method to install applications that are not available in the application store. Moreover, you can also install Netflix on Switch

People are facing issues in the installation process, so we are explaining and sharing the complete step by step guide to install twitch application on Roku tv and Roku player. In this method, we installed an unofficial Twitch Application. This is the same Application as same as the official Application. You can enjoy this Application on your Roku TV, also it is fully compatible and the same as the formal Application. As the official Twitch App is not available in the store, so we have to use this unofficial Application.

How to Watch Twitch on Roku

  • Open any web browser on your computer or laptop on which you want to install Twitch.
  • Visit the Roku site by typing this web address in your browser, or you Click this link to go to the Address.
  • On the login page, enter your login credentials email and password on the given boxes.
Enter Login Detaild Twitch on Roku
  • Open “Manage Account Page”.
  • Click on the “Add Channel” Button below the “Manage Account Page Title”.
Add Channel with a Code in Twitch on Roku
  • A search bar will have appeared. Enter the “TWITCHTV” Code in the Search Bar and click on the “Add Channel” Button.
Add Twitch on Roku Channel
  • There will be a Warning Message displayed on the screen. Simply click on the “OK” button to accept the Warning and Issues to proceed further.
Twitch on Roku Warning
  • A Page with Twitch Application and Details will be shown to the screen
  • Click on the “Yes, Add Channel” button on that page to install Twitch.
Yes-Add-Twitch-Roku Channel
  • Wait for a little time. A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen that Roku is installed on your device. Now, you can Execute and watch Twitch Channel on Roku TV. This is the simplest guide about twitch applications.
  • Now Turn on your Roku TV Device and Open the Unofficial Twitch Application
  • Roku will ask to open the App, and a notice box will appear saying the “Official Twitch Channel Now Available.” Click on the “Yes” button to open Twitch.
Official Twitch Channel Now Available
  • A new Twitch page will open on the screen. Click on the “Add Channel” button on that page.
  • Moreover, They will ask for a security question. Enter the Security code on the box that is displaying on your Tv Screen.
Twitch-on-Roku Security Code
  • Click on the “OK” Button After entering the right security code.
  • Notice will have appeared that the Twitch has been added to the Home Screen.
  • After that, you can easily watch Twitch Channel on Roku TV.
Twitch on Roku Overlay


As we told before that this application is not the Official application and there will be not support provided about this App. This is an Unofficial Application and support is not available for this Application.

How to Install TTV Stream on Roku

We are also sharing another application and guide to install this ttvstream application on the Roku device. This is an alternative Application of Twitch. You can install TTV Stream as an Alternative to the Twitch App. Follow the given instructions to install TTV Stream App on Roku TV.

  • Navigate to Settings > System > System Restart from the Home Screen to Restart your Roku.
  • Open and web browser on your computer and go to the TTV Stream Website by clicking the below button.
  • Click on the “Add Channel” Button.
  • Follow the next instructions to install TTV Stream Application.
  • Now the TTV Stream is installed on your Roku Tv Device. Open the app and watch your favorite movies and videos on your Roku TV.

Features of Roku

  • Watch Game Play of different famous games like PUBG, Minecraft, FIFA 18, etc.
  • Broadcast Your Gaming Content and Game Play.
  • This App Also Support Live Chat During your Game Play.
  • Watch Live videos, news, and clips.
  • Auto MoD is now Available. You can filter spam messages for approval by a moderator.
  • Twitch will never bore you. Tons of videos are available to watch for free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is twitch on Roku

No, the twitch is not on Roku, but the Unofficial Twitch App and alternative to twitch applications are available. You can install the unofficial twitch App on the Roku tv by reading this complete guide about Twitch application.

How do I get twitch on my Roku?

You can get twitch on your Roku tv by installing the unofficial twitch application or TTV Stream as an alternative on twitch Application.

What happened to the Twitch App on Roku TV

The official Twitch Application was completely removed from the Roku Apps Store because of some issues. The official application is not available on the Roku Apps Store. You cannot install or access the Official Twitch Application Now. Old installed applications are still working, but new installations are blocked now.

Does Twitch support subscriptions?

Yes, The Twitch Channel supports subscriptions and any related partner programs.

Can You Link Amazon to Twitch

Yes, You can link Amazon’s account or any other affiliate program account.

Final Verdict

This is the simple detailed guide about twitch to share with you. This article has lots of information about the Twitch App. Read this article and increase your knowledge. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment sections. Please share this article with your friends so they can also install the twitch Application.

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