Download TVTap Apk Pro (Ad-Free) Latest Version 2019 For Free

If you are looking for the TVTap Apk Pro version or say Paid version that you are at the right place because here I am going to give you the download links to it.

Television has become a need for time as people prefer to watch it in their leisure time. But now the programs that are cast on TV has become so interested that people try to get some time to watch them.

However, the traditional means to watch TV is not much popular. Nowadays people watch TV on their smartphones either using some applications like TVTap or purchasing some services like Netflix. If you are also a regular television user then you must be looking for an application that you can use to watch all your favorite programs/dramas right from your smartphone at any place for free of cost.

TVTap is one of those applications that can full fill your need for a TV app for you. And here in this post, I am going to share everything about the TVTap Pro version. But before we start, I will cover all the basic things about it;

What is TVTap?

TVTap apk is an Android application which allows the users to watch live TV channels of more than 10 countries and offers 150+ channels for free of cost. There are more than 5 languages supported and the channels of USA, UK, Canada, Arab etc are available here. If you want to download TVTap then you can get its application package file from our site.

What is TVTap Apk?

TVTap is an Android application that is designed to provide the facility of the live TV to the users. With this application, you can watch more than 150 TV channels from around ten countries in 5 different languages.

The application was designed by keeping the free users in mind, that is why there is a free as well as a pro version of the TVTap application that you can use as you need. The free version has almost all the features which pro version have.

What is TVTap Apk Pro?

TVTap Pro is the paid or says the Pro version of the same application but it offers even more features to the users. The best thing about this is that you will not see any kind of advertisements on this application. Using TVTap apk pro you will be able to watch all the channels in full HD quality. There are a lot more features in the pro version that you can read below.

Download TVTap Apk Pro

Now that you have learned a lot about the TVTap Apk application and you must be waiting to get the download link to the application. Below is the download link and you can download the Pro version on your smartphone for free of cost.

For the peace of your mind and security of your smartphone, we have uploaded the application in the secure servers of the Google Drive that scans the apps before downloading on your device. In this way, you get 100% viruses free app.

Technical Details of TVTap Apk

App NameTVTap
Size26 MBs
Price Free
TypeLive TV
Latest Versionv 1.5
Last Update2 September 2018
Android Rquired4.2 or later

Features of TV Tap Apk Pro

As I told earlier that there are a bunch of cool features in the Pro version of the application that free version doesn’t have. And below I am going to mention a few of the great features of the pro version of the TVTap Apk application.

I am pretty much sure you will love to read about these great features.

  • It’s Free: TVtap apk Pro is also 100% free instead of charging some bucks for each user the developers of the TVTap though of putting advertisements that help them make it running.
  • Elegant Design: The app comes with a simple but elegant design that makes it stand out of the crowd too. The color scheme used in the designing is very light that doesn’t harm eyes when used for long hours.
  • High Definition Channels: All the Channels that are available in the TVTap are in full High Definition quality. You can stream channels in 360p 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Simple Design: The design of the TVTap is very simple and easy to navigate, the color scheme that is used is quite friendly and doesn’t effect eyes if watched for a long time.
  • Full HD Channels: All the channels in this application are in full high definition that is a great point as it helps the users to watch their desired shows/dramas with ease.
  • Multiple Languages: As I described earlier there are more than 5 languages that are supported in this application, that means it is for a very vast audience.
  • Nine Categories: The Whole list of the channels in the application have been categories in nine different categories like movies, songs, kids, religion etc.
  • Bookmark & History: If you liked any channel and want to save it so that you can access that later then use bookmark feature while history tab allows you to see the list of channels you have watched.
  • Events Notification: If you want to watch any specific sports or any other event that will happen on a certain time then enable notification and you will see a notification when that event will start.
  • Powerful Filter: Using the filter that are available you can filter out the channels that you don’t want to see in your app’s homepage.

List of the Supported Devices by TVTap Apk

Due to a huge number of Android users, most applications are also developed for Android devices. That’s what happened with the TVTap apk application. Firstly, it was designed for the Android devices but as the demand of this app increased the developers developed this application for some other devices, and now you can download TVTap Apk for Android TVTap iOS for iPhone and below version for their relative devices.

  • Android Boxes
  • For Firestick
  • All type of Kodi Devices
  • Windows PC
  • Android Phones & Tablets
  • iPhones and iOS Devices

FAQs About TVTap Apk

Friends as you know whenever we come to know about anything new, there are a lot of questions that pop up in our mind. The same thing happens with the TVTap application. If you are new to it and want to know more about TVTap application or you have any questions in your mind, then you will find the answers to all these questions here on this page.

This page was specially designed to answer the most asked questions and queries of the users. If there are any questions that are in your mind and is not listed here, then you can ask use by dropping comments below.

What is TVTap?

TVTap is an Application that allows the users to watch live television from their Android devices for free of cost. To use it you need to just install it on your smartphone. This application has become one of the most downloaded apps and is now getting more and more popular.

Is TVTap Free for Forever?

The developers of the  TVTap claim that they have made this application totally free and they don’t want to sell it to the users. That is why, till now it is 100% free and anyone can download TVTap Apk on his smartphone and can start using it.

Is there Any Paid Version?

As I have told you above, the developers have made this application for free, but there are chances the application will be converted into a paid app that is why we have created a separate post where you can find all the details about the TVTap Pro version.

Do I need to root my Phone?

No there is no need to root your phone. The application can be installed on almost all phones and requires minimum requirements for installations.

Why do I See Advertisements?

The application is 100% to use but to keep the application running developers have to pay the servers fee and some other fees so that they can maintain and keep it running. That is why ads are shown.

How to Install it on Android?

Unfortunately, due to some policies reasons, the application is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can still download and install it on your smartphone. Read our step by step guide to install TVTap on Android.

I Like the App, Can I donate?

Yes, the developers do accept donations, but we cannot, as we are not the official developers of the app. So, you need to contact the official developers for any donations.

Can I Install it on Firestick?

Yes, the application can be installed on any firestick devices and we have created a separate article where we have described the whole procedure of installing the application on firestick in full details.

How to Download it on Android?

To download the application package file of the TVTap you have multiple resources. For example, you can download it from our site or from the official site for free of cost.

Which countries are supported?

There are more than 10 countries that are supported in the application, these countries include UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Arab and to a few more.

Can I install it on Windows PC?

Yes, TVTap can be installed on Windows devices. But there is not any direct installation file of the app available for Windows. Instead, you have to manually download the Apk file and Bluestacks emulator for installing. You can read our guide on installing TVTap on PC.

Can I install it on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, the developers of the TVTap has not developed an application for the iPhone and there is a solid reason behind this. You can find more details why TVTap iOS does not exist at this post.

Can I Install it on Android Box?

Yes, TVTap can be installed on Andriod boxes as well, The process is almost the same but you have to be a little bit technical for installing its Apk file on Android box. If you need a guide then read our guide on installing TVTap on Android Boxes.


So, friends, this was all about the features of the TVTap and I am sure you have enjoyed reading it. TV Tap is really a very cool application with amazing features and the best thing is they offer it for free. Using it you can watch your favorite sports on the Go.