Working TextSheet Alternatives – Best for Student in 2020

Are you a student and looking for an alternative to the Textsheet service? The Textsheet was the best application and assistance for students. It was the best Top-Rated service reviewed by the students. There was a DMCA Take-Down Notice on TextSheet Web. That’s why this excellent service is not available right now. There are some tremendous Textsheet Alternatives available on the internet, but most people don’t know about them.

Textsheet Alternatives List is provided in this Article. You can check all of the alternatives and select your favorite one. All of them work like a charm and give perfect results. Other options are manually reviewed and checked by our specialist.

What is TextSheet and its Alternatives?

Many students struggle to complete their homework and assignments. The Textsheet was an online web portal especially designed for the students to help them in their studies and assignments. It was an educational type of website and was All Time student’s favorite because they can find the answers to their homework and assignments easily with the help of TextSheet Portal.

DMCA Notice was sent to this portal, and the owners have to close it because of that notice. After that, the students were very disappointed. There were other useful services available at that time, but the students were not aware of them. The user interface of the Textsheet was straightforward, clean, and impressive; that’s why the students love that website instead of any other site. The list of Textsheet Alternatives is provided below in this article.

Why is TextSheet Down?

Chegg is an online education technology company in America. They provide rental services for textbooks and other education-related stuff. The reason behind the takedown notice to the Textsheet was that the Textsheet didn’t host any of there own content. The Textsheet was a scrapping site that uses the content of another website, collects data from another website, and present it to the managed way to their users. Textsheet website was using the Chegg company data. So, they sent the DMCA Complain to them. That’s why they have to close their service for the students due to copyright claims on TextSheet. You can use Textsheet for Chegg.

Textsheet Alternatives – Paid & Free

Our sources have confirmed that the TextSheet is shut down. They will not be going to open their service again. They are completely off now. This site is not accessible even by using VPN and proxies. Don’t worry. There are some great alternatives available on the internet. Here is the list of these alternatives that are more useful and working than the Textsheet. The list contains both Paid and Free sites. You can check the free and paid sites both. We have listed the best free Textsheet Alternatives.

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Textsheet Alternatives

Chegg itself is the best alternative available right now. The reason is that the textsheet was also scraping data of Chegg by API key. Chegg originally provided all the information we got. So that’s why it is the best alternative right now on the internet. It is an American Technical Educational platform. They rent their eBooks and material on the internet. They help the students in their studies and give them academic and homework assistance.

Chegg helps the students in every field. To use this service, you have to register an account on their website. You have to pay some registration fees to get access to the features of Chegg. This is the paid but very best available option.


Chegg offers a large number of services, assignments, solutions to questions and helps students in studies. Expert opinion is also available on Chegg and you can also ask the experts about any problem and ask them any question. The con of Chegg is just that they offer paid services and free service is not available on Chegg. You have to pay monthly charges to use the services of Chegg.

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#009906″]

  • Give Perfect Results
  • Low Price
  • Can Rent Books and Study Guides
  • Offers a Large Number of Services


[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • It is a Paid Service
  • You can not use it Free



There are different plans for Chegg accounts. The simple study account price starts from $14.95 per month. It doesn’t matter what you want to use for one day or two, but if you’re going to use Chegg, then you have to pay monthly. But the trail option is available, and you can claim a trail if you are a new user to them.


There is a trial version available to use on the Chegg. If you are new, then you can claim a free 30-minute tutor trial for free of cost.


  1. Step by step Textbook solutions for students.
  2. More than 22,000 ISBNs solutions available.
  3. You can ask any questions from experts anytime.
  4. Search millions of answers for your homework and assignments questions.

Course Hero

Textsheet Alternatives

It is another excellent alternative of Textsheet, and the best thing is that it is not entirely paid. You can earn free access by uploading ten documents on the site. More than 30 Million course resources and answers are available on the Course Hero. You can search for your answers and get help from this. There is a community section on the site, and the students themselves share most of the study material.

The assignments data and homework are shared by the community of real students around the whole world. Practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for every subject is available on the Course Hero. You get all of these now. Assignments of every subject are available. This is the best possible option because it is paid, but you can earn free access easily, so it is the best option for you.


The price starts at $9.95 per month. The Course Hero is not entirely paid. The community of students shares service and the data, and you can earn free access by uploading ten documents on the site, and you will get free access.


Alternatives to textsheet

It is the number 3rd option in our list, but Slader is rank on number one in the list of free alternatives. It is an entirely free option as a textsheet alternative. Slader is very popular in the USA, and every student is a very active member of Slader. Over the years, Slader is becoming the most dynamic and accessible platform for the students as same as the textsheet. It is trendy in the US and used by many students.

The reason behind ranking this service on the number one position is that this is a very convenient and easy to use service. Slader’s Mobile Application is also available for both Android and iOS Users. You can install and use the Slader Application on your mobile phones and tablets. It makes the use of service very easy and convenient. You just have to enter the textbook name or the 13-digit ISBN of the book to get your answers and solutions in seconds. The complete solution of exercises is available on Slader.


Slader is an entirely free service for the students. You can use this service free of cost. They use the advertisement system to keep the service active financially. So, if the advertisement bothered you, then you can purchase an ads-free account of Slader to promote them.


Alternatives of Textsheet

Studylib is famous for pre-ready assignments and answers. They provide a large number of premade and ready to use assignments and homework solutions. It is one of the best and perfect alternatives to textsheet. It offers a large number of ready-made tasks for the students.

The only problem is that the user experience and design of this website are not very good, and this is not very well organized as compared to the Slader. You can find the answers to your homework easily. If you want to do, then you can also share your knowledge, data, assignments, and homework on the Studylib website so another user can also take advantage of that.


There is no premium service offered by Studylib. This service is completely free, and you can also use this service as a free alternative of textsheet free of cost.

Paper Help

Textsheet Alternatives

The name of this company itself describes the description of the services provided by PaperHelp. Paper Help is the perfect choice for research students. The students who prefer research work love this website. They provide assistance with the research of different theories related to studies and assignments. The students can complete their assignments and homework by researching the topics and books on Paper Help. It would be beneficial for students who like to get new knowledge and explore more things.


PaperHelp is the paid service. The price is depending upon the work you want to do. You have to upload your assignment documents on the PaperHelp website, and they will look out the uploaded data and count the price of that particular work. There are some levels on which the count the price like High School, College, University, etc.

Textsheet Alternatives

Spark Notes

This site contains information about books and guides of every book, in simple. It is not something like an alternative to textsheet. But it can be used as an alternative by using this website in the right way. You can use this site in such a way so it can work for you like a textsheet alternative. There are massive data shared on this website. You can explore the old and new data and can get the answers to your question by searching for the information. Researcher mind people like these types of services.


This site is not based on the textsheet or Chegg. It does only offer data and information about books and also provides guides. So, there is no fee or price of this service. This is a free service, and you can use it free of cost.


This platform is specially designed for the students. It is developed by keeping the student’s needs in mind. This website is explicitly providing you the academic help and intended for students. It also offers stepwise textbook solutions. There are more than 50 Million textbook solutions are available on the CrazyForStudy website. You can use this convenient service as an alternative to the textsheet website.

The bad thing is the website is hosted and managed in Australia. Most of the material is about the Australian study. But still, you can get benefit from this excellent service.


This service is offered for students, and the company doesn’t want to charge any fee from the students and to promote the culture of study by providing this service free of cost. This service is free of cost. There are no charges for CrazyForStudy, so that’s why you can use this service as a free textsheet alternative.

FAQs About TextSheet Alternatives

What is the TextSheet?

TextSheet was a website developed to help the students in their regular studies, homework, and to complete assignments quickly. It was the perfect choice for every student to use as the best source of information for their education.

Why Textsheet is not Accessible Now?

An American educational institute, Chegg, files a DMCA Case on textsheet, so they have to close their service for students. Now Textsheet is completely shut down.

Is There any Alternative to TextSheet?

Yes, there are some tremendous TextSheet alternatives available on the internet. We have listed the best Alternatives for you in this Article.

How do you use Slader?

You can easily use Slader. We have explained the Slader tool in our article. So, Please read that.

Is TextSheet was Illegal Website

Yes, the TextSheet was an illegal website because it never makes its content. They used the API Key of Chegg and presented the Chegg data as their content.

Wrapping Up

This article was all about to explain and tell you the best textsheet alternatives available right now on the internet. We provided both paid and free tools. You can check each device and select the one you like the most. Please share this article with your friends so they can also get some benefits and try some Free Alternative. If you can afford it, then buy the paid one. That will be perfect for you.

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