Teresa Fidalgo Ghost – Complete Story & Details of Teresa Fidalgo

Supernatural stories have always fascinated the human mind. It is human nature to get attracted to curious stories. Some supernatural tories have become an internet sensation. The same is the case of the TERESA FIDALGO story. This character grabbed the attention of many people and became the talk of the town for a long time.

This character has created so much thrill and fear. About TERESA FIDALGO, many stories are running on the internet. It seems like she has become an internet ghost or a night ghost. Who was TERESA FIDALGO? What happened to her? What is most frightening about her? Let’s explore all these answers.

Teresa Fidalgo Story

“I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored, and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google.”

Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo WhatsApp Message

This quote is breaking WhatsApp and Instagram nowadays, with Slender Man and other ghosts like Teresa Fidalgo. It seems nostalgia love of the internet is beyond pop culture. Still, before coming to a conclusion and figuring out whether it is true or false, we must have to find the root cause of all this.

There is so much thrill, so much fear in the name of Teresa Fidalgo. So many stories running on the internet, and it feels like Teresa Fidalgo is a night ghost or better say internet ghost. Perhaps you are thinking, oh wow, in this modern age, things like ghosts are ridiculous. Maybe this is all true. Who knows?

Teresa Fidalgo was a young woman who died in a car accident. There is no specific information about the accident. Everyone knows this little.

The Real Story

One night, three friends, two boys, and one girl was going on a road. One of them had a camera, and he recorded their general conversation about what they were doing, and then they found out a woman standing near the road and signed for lift.

They gave her lift, and before leaving the car, that woman attacked one of those and then killed all of them. In the morning, natives told that a woman named Teresa Fidalgo died here years ago. That ghost was of that woman. It’s terrifying.

After that, these things go out. Internet filled with Teresa Fidalgo stuff and different type of stories. And then, people start receiving WhatsApp messages by Teresa Fidalgo. Now, this is all scary.

Teresa Fidalgo Biography

“I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever.”

Teresa Fidalgo

This quote spammed at the bottom of thousands of Instagram pictures this week somewhat ambiguously warns. Many people received that message and haunted by the Teresa Fidalgo ghost. If you search her on Google, female ghost pictures will show. And plenty of people searched for her. Some of them are scared. Some of them think that it’s bullshit or new attention seeker thing.

“If you stop reading this, you will die. I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos or otherwise, I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored this, and her mom died 20 days later. You can search for me on Google.”


The haunting message of Teresa Fidalgo has one more story of a mum and son in Dubai. That was a WhatsApp death threat. One blogger wrote that, On Friday morning, her son woke up screaming and banging on her door. When she opened the door, her son told her that he received a message from that Teresa Fidalgo, and she is going to kill her when he goes to sleep in his room next time.

Death Threat Haunts Dubai Mum and Son

There was a story of a Mum and a child who lived in Dubai. Her son was crying because he got a message from Teresa Fidalgo. In that message, she threatened him to kill him. Many stories like these start moving everywhere. Especially, teenagers were attracted to such stories. They started searching on the internet about Teresa.


Now, you have desire to know: Does Teresa really exist or a mere supernatural character? What happened to her? Is she really going to kill the people who are ignoring her? Did the girl’s mother really die because of ignoring the message?

But it is not valid. It’s not true. People have common sense they can judge things easily. There are so many stories like this, and they are being told from one generation to another. It is also said that ghosts are once an angel, and they lived in heaven, and due to their disobedience behavior, they have thrown out from heaven, and then they started doing bad things, but these things are not right. All these stories are fake and made by people themselves.


In 1983, there was a car accident near Sentra Portugal. A girl named TERESA FIDALGO died in that accident. After twenty years of this accident, the footage came out on the internet and gone viral. In 2014, a video spread among people. In this video, three friends were traveling in a car. It was night. They were talking about ghosts and other like things. Suddenly, they saw a woman walking on the side of the road. She asked for the lift. They stopped: she introduced herself as TERESA. They decided to give her a lift. She sat silent while all the friends never stopped talking.

Instantaneously, she revealed a spot to be the place where she had died. One of the friends who was recording the video was attacked by her. It is being said that two passengers died. The third one luckily survived, but he was unable to explain anything about that night. It is rumored that the accident took at the same place where the actual young Teresa died. The girl that attacked was her ghost. All this created a frightening atmosphere. After all this, she becomes an internet sensation. About her, many stories start circulating.

Explanation of this Incident


This all started back in 1983 with a car accident near Sentra, Portugal, in which a girl named Teresa Fidalgo Died. After 20 years of this accident, on July 12, 2003, the footage came out on the internet and gone viral.

In this video, a group of three friends driving in a dark night on a car, while discussing ghosts and other like things they see a young woman walking on the side of the road.

The accident

They invite her into the car for a ride. She is good looking and quiet girl while driving the girl’s point on the part of the road and says this is where I had an accident and died. In a while, her face covered with blood, and she screams, and the car crashes.

The subtitles state that two passengers, a male, and a female, died, and the third one named David, luckily survived, but he never explains what exactly happens that night.

Police discovered that a girl named Teresa Fidalgo died in a car accident back in 1983 in that exact location.


A few years later, her ghost reappeared. Many social media networks witnessed her comeback: Most prominent of them was what’s app and Instagram. A scary message starts moving everywhere. Here’s it: I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever.” Did it creep you out? The same quote managed to scare people and had them commenting on posts everywhere.

Many people were afraid because of all this. It also becomes popular that the people who were trying to ignore this message were dying. A gossip prevailed everywhere that a young girl’s mother died because of ignoring it. Many stories like this become popular.

The Reality of Teresa Fidalgo Story

The biography of this fascinating character filmed by a producer. Teresa Fidalgo was the main character of that Portuguese short film called A CURVE. This movie got much popularity. Many people still believed it to be true. One reason for the popularity of this story was its resemblance to white Lady Legend’s stories. Such accounts have been the center of all ghost stories for ages and, until now, how the release of such a movie invites curiosity.

Although this short film was only a shot of twelve minutes and only a tiny portion of this film was edited and put on the internet. It was a strategy to grab the attention of the people. This all created suspense among people. This movie is not available in full form but is present in parts. David Rebordao, a producer of the film, has taken responsibility for cinema. He confirmed that those viral parts belonged to this movie.

Video Footage of Teresa Fidalgo

After the appearance of the video and message, many people started searching for the source of the video. They all were in suspense that either her character was in actual a ghost or a rumor. Was it deception? Or her existence was a reality. The source of the video was found after some time. All such incomprehensible stories began to vanish. The accident in which the girl died can be right. But that viral footage and all other rumored stories are just for entertainment purposes of the audience.

David Rebardao – A Filmmaker from Portugal

During site seeing of his upcoming movie, One night during his traveling, he hit upon an idea, and he records a short film called “A Curva.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen’s I’m talking about David Rebardao, the multi-talented guy from Portugal.

Early Life

David Rebardao was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He got his early education from in Lisbon from Externato Amadis School. He graduated from Lusíada University in Lisbon.


David finds his interest in shooting and filming, and he starts his career from filming. He got his breakthrough from his short film “A Curva.”

A Curva

This film was based on a ghost refers as Teresa Fidalgo in this movie. In this film, a group of three friends traveling on the road, and they gave a lift to a girl, and in a while, she turned into a lady ghost and car crashes. The demon was named Teresa Fidalgo in this short film. This film went viral on the internet in 2014, which makes David Rebardao very famous.

David clears this matter in his interview that this movie was scripted and not real. The video you are just going to watch was David’s interview, in which he claims that this footage was fake.


The primary language of this footage is Spanish but you can subtitles/captions (c) in English.

After this, David Rebardao becomes a famous filmmaker/director in Portugal. He continues his career with his movies:

  1. RPG – Real Playing Game – 2013
  2. Jogo Maldito – 2013
  3. Killies – 2015
  4. Your Turn – 2017

These movies become famous for David Rebardao. David Rebardao is now a prominent and renowned director in the Portuguese film industry.

The reason behind the success of David Rebardao is consistency and his hard work toward his passion and profession. Your hard work and persistence is the key to success.

I’ll end this article with this quote of Tony Gaskins:

“Consistency is the key! If you can’t be consistent, then you can’t be anything.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Teresa Fidalgo

I want to warn you to be aware of all this as it will be viral on the internet in a short period. This is a scripted and not a real story, and you will see more videos in this series from David as he is getting very much fame form this. Till then, Goodbye from me.

Here are the answers to all the questions in your mind

Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo is an online ghost-like White Lady Legend, gone viral in 2014 on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

No, it is not true and the message spamming on Whatsapp and Instagram is also fake.

Is it true that my mom will die if I ignore it?

No, your mom will not die. You and all your family members are safe. The viral message is fake.

Why is everyone talking about Teresa Fidalgo?

Because Teresa Fidalgo is nowadays a famous and viral ghost on the internet but it is fake, if you receive a message with her name, you can ignore it.

Did Teresa Fidalgo really die?

Yes, according to Portugal police, a girl named Teresa Fidalgo dies in 1983 in a car accident

How real is the video of Teresa Fidalgo?

The video footage viral on the internet in real, but the story has shown is scripted, and the film is called “A Curva.” The film was directed by a filmmaker David Rebardao.


The Director’s intention behind the production of this movie was not bad. He just warns people not to pick up any stranger walking on the road. It is dangerous nowadays. There are a lot of such ghost stories circulating on the internet. One should not be afraid of such supernatural characters. All these things are not part of real life. Such stories are produced and published just to grab the attention of the people or for entertainment purposes. This story is officially published by ALITECHHUB

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