Reaver Apk – Download RFA Reaver Apk for Android v1.30 – Reaver WPS

Reaver Apk is an android application that is a very popular Wifi tool App. It is an application for android with a very simple and clean user interface. It provides some pro inspection tools for the Wifi signals. The user can analyze the different wifi signals that the mobile phone is receiving from the wifi devices nearby the phone.

The Reaver Apk provides sensitive information about the wifi signals that can be used to get the password and access anyone’s wifi without their permission. That’s why the Reaver Apk is also known as a Wifi Hacking Tool. The Reaver App is also named RFA Apk. RFA is the short form of “Reaver For Android.” The App has many useful features for the wifi like network testing, removing security loopholes in the wifi, etc.

The users can perform a quick and detailed Network test in this app. The user can also remove the security loopholes in any wifi network, that can use for different purposes like hacking or accessing anyone’s wifi without knowing the password of that wifi network. You can perform WPA Wifi networks audit and get their passwords without any hard work. A straightforward method to get the passwords of wifi networks with the help of RFA Apk.

RFA Apk is a scarce application that is not available in the Google Play Store for downloading. The downloading of this application is hard because there is no official provider of this application. We are providing the downloading link of the RFA Apk. You can easily download the Reaver App from the below-downloading button.

Download Reaver WPS Wifi Apk for Android

Reaver WPS Wifi Application is specially designed for tablets only, but you can also download and use this application in your android mobile phones and use them on phones. You have to perform some extra steps to use it on your mobile phones because it is made up of tablets, but we will use it on our android mobile phones too.

The thing is that you also have to download the Bcmon Apk application on your mobile phone to use the Reaver Apk is your phone. It is a simple hack to use the Reaver WPS Apk in your android smartphones. The further guide about using the Reaver App in your smartphones with Bcmon Apk will also be provided. It will be hard for you to use the Reaver Apk in smartphones without the “How to Use Guide.” You can download the both “Reaver Apk” and Bcmon Apk Right Below this. Click the downloading button to download the Apps.

Download Reaver Apk (RFA No Root)

Here you can easily download the RFA Reaver Apk with simple one-click downloads. RFA Apk is not any hacking application. It is just a simple Wifi tool that is named a Reaver WPS Wifi App. You can easily download the No Root Reaver App for Android. All the things you have to do is just click the below-downloading button to download the Reaver Apk. After that, you also have to download the Bcmon Apk. The downloading link of Bcmon is also provided below the Reaver Wps Apk. Vudu apk is also a perfect app for android.

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Technical Details

Package NameReaver Apk
Last Update28 Jun, 2019
Root RequiredNo
Android Version4.0+
App TypeWPS Wifi Tool

Download Bcmon Apk

Installing the Bcmon Application is very important if you want to use the Reaver Wps Wifi App in your smartphones. The application can’t run without the Bcmon App. So, you also have to download and install the Bcmon apk in your android smartphone along with the Reaver Apk. You can easily download the Bcmon apk in your smartphones by clicking the below-downloading button. Click on the Download button to download and set up the Bcmon apk on your mobile phone. You can also read the detailed guide about Bcmon apk.

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There are some devices which Bcmon App doesn’t support. I thought I should tell you this and I’ll list them. The devices are:

  • HTC One.
  • LG G2.
  • Nexus 4 and 5
  • Nexus 7.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Galaxy S5.

Features & Functions of Reaver Apk (Hijaker Apk)

  • It allows the Brute force attack on WPS Register Pins.
  • It recovers the WPA & WPA2 passphrase that is very useful for hacking wifi in android phones.
  • Supports Monitor Mode that can be activated and deactivated any time you want.
  • Detect WPA Enabled Wireless connections automatically.
  • Remove the security loopholes in the Wifi Network.
  • Reaver Apk also supports the external scripts.
  • The user interface is elegant and clean and comfortable for the users to understand the controls.

Final Words

This was all about the wifi hacking tool and hacking WPS the wifi networks on android smartphones. You can easily download the application and try to hack anyone’s wifi network or find and connect the Network that has the WPS Enabled.

Remember! Hacking is always a crime. This application and article are just for educational purposes. Never try hacking in real. It is against the laws, and we will not be responsible for any legal action against you.

If you want any help, then feel free to comment below in this post. We will respond to you.

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