Princess Qajar – The Royal Lady with the Mustache

Who is Princess Qajar? What is the story behind her mustache? Are you looking for the details of Princess Qajar, then you are in the right place. Princess Qajar’s real name is Fatemeh Khanum. She was born on Sept 15, 1900, at the Golestan Palace in Teheran. Now, these days she is most popularly known as “Princess Qajar.”
All around the world, the standard of beauty is different. Some believe that Princess Qajar is more beautiful if she has curves while for some a learn and thin body too. Without having a slim figure and pretty face, Princess Qajar is known as the most beautiful lady. She learned piano and photography because she was not afraid to went against tradition. Her husband took most of her photos. She had a private studio in her home.

Princess Qajar
Princess Qajar

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Beauty is so much higher than everything that meets the eyes. And the women I’m going to talk on hold the excellent examples of it. When the photos of “Princess Qajar” rose girding the internet in modern times, she became a giggling asset for the most significant people. And externally understanding her story, people executed several various opinions. So, let me realize all the suspense and provide you the extreme reason why the
professed Princess Qajar was an iconic beauty representative of Persia.

Why is Princess Qajar an Iconic of Beauty?

Princess Fatemeh Khanum was the Princess of Persia; these days called Iran. King Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar was her father, who ruled Persia from 1848 to 1896, and his wives Taj-al-Dowleh was a Persian writer and artist who referred to the Qajar family. She had recognized for her beauty. However, 13 men had committed suicide. She had refused them for the wedding.

People laugh when they look at her historic pictures these days. Also, nobody eternally disappoints to regard her abundant mustache, unibrow,
and the point that she doesn’t have a naturally lean and slim body that women are thought to have. While people live over the fact of how beautiful Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn was, they smile off watching at a picture of a princess that relates a man.


She was one of the greatest photographed gentlewomen at King Nasir’s harem. And the most maximum of her photos was used by her husband himself. But it wasn’t because she examined all snaps of the beautiful model
of the 19th century Persia.


She was one of the most beautiful women of the Persian family
as strong as she was a more so beautiful character of this period
following should facial hairs. She is recognized as the wonderful
female of the Persian family. And it is right because at this time she was a very outspoken and Intelligent princess of Persia with that many men want to marry. But she didn’t. That’s how? She grew very famous.

Facts about Princess Qajar

Facts aboout Princess Qajar
  • Princess was a poet and woman rights activist.
  • Moreover, she was the author of “Anjoman Horriyyat Nsevan”, the organization struggling for women’s rights.
  • Princess got married to Aamir Hussein Khan Shoja’-al Saleh.
  • The couple had four children (two girls and two boys).
  • Princess writing had introduced as a point in Central Eastern Studies in Universities of Tehran and Harvard.
  • Also, she had treated literary galleries once a week at her house.
  • Nevertheless, she had separated Aamir; she had a connection with Aref Qazvini.
  • Aref had written a poem for her “Ey Taj.”

[su_box title=”Princess Qajar Height, Weight, Body Measurements.” style=”soft” box_color=”#579dbf”]Weight in Pounds – 132 Pounds
Weight in Kilograms 60 KG
Length in meters 1.68 Meters
Length in Cm 168 cm
Height in Feet/Inches 5 Feet 6 inches
Shoe Size 8
Body Measurements 33-30-34
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black.[/su_box]

Princess Qajar Husband

In 1922 Princess got married to Aamir Hussein Khan Shoja’-al Saleh.
The couple had four children (two girls and two boys). Nevertheless, she had separated Aamir. She had a connection with Aref Qazvini. Aref had written a poem for her “Ey Taj”.

About Princess Qajar’s Mustache

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There was a royalty who broke the collective sense of observing wonderful. Willingly than killing herself and achieve the size zero, she selected to look complete. Not only that, but the princess also had a broken and rushed unibrow. Moreover, she had an unmistakable diamond transparent beard all over her face, which at that period time defined as a symbol of beauty.

Well, repeating to the Princess Qajar, she was represented as a symbol of beauty in Persia. Not merely that, there were a large
number of men who need to marry the Princess Qajal and on the off-chance that you have confidence in a story that also thinks the same.Thirteen young men who opened up their lives by engaging death because the princess refused their offer of marriage.

Princess Qajar Lesson

Princess Qajar is an excellent model that informs you that you don’t have
to follow what others are following, you don’t have to seem like them, you
don’t have to be determined by others. Beauty isn’t regarding how you look outer; it’s about whereby you observe from within. It doesn’t depend against what you consume; it depends on how you conduct yourself, and how positive you are in your hide.

Princess Qajar Memes

Princess Qajar is an outstanding example that tells you that you don’t have to understand what others are regarding, you don’t have to look like them,
you don’t have to be defined by others. Class isn’t concerning how you look
outside, it’s about how you perceive from inside. It doesn’t depend upon
what you spend, it depends on how you convey yourself, and how confident
you are in your skin. But, communities do not reduce the facts each because people examine them for doing judgmental or they don’t mind at all. So, if you are examining Princess Qajar’s beauty and smiling at the Princess Qajar meme, it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself.


Princess Qajar, a part of the ruling family of Persia in the mid-1920s, died on Saturday at “D’Huys” Hospital in Paris. She was 90 years old and was in Paris. She died of heart defeat, her granddaughter-in-law, Monica Gerard-Sharp, told in London.

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