How to Watch Netflix on Switch – Nintendo Switch Hack

The Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017 and its been three years to people enjoying this device. The Nintendo Switch is not only a gaming device, but it can also perform huge tasks in daily routine. There are lots of fun activities that can be performed by the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch Hack is very famous these days on the internet. You can install different apps on the switch and can also watch YouTube on the Nintendo switch. There is also a hack by which you can install Netflix on the Nintendo switch.

Netflix on The Switch

The people were asking how to get Netflix on the Switch so we think we should publish a guide to install Netflix on Nintendo Switch. The is guide is elementary and easy to follow for the newbies and non-technical persons. The switch is a compelling device, and if you want to watch Netflix, then there is no best option other than the Nintendo Switch. This device can run Netflix in an easy and fast way. Netflix on Nintendo Switch is know all over the world due to its large number of fan following.

Netflix is only available on the following Nintendo devices

  • Nintendo 2DS
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 3DS XL

Netflix Streaming on the Nintendo 3DS family is only available in the Canada and U.S.A only. You have to follow the below steps to install and setup the Netflix application on the Nintendo switch.

Download and Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Installing Netflix is very easy on the switch, but there is a problem that the Netflix application is not directly available on the e-shop of the Nintendo switch. There is no need to worried. We are going to install Netflix in another way that is called the indirect method. Putting Netflix on Nintendo Switch is very easy and straightforward with this method. Netflix is the famous streaming app, and millions of people are enjoying this streaming application on their Switch Console Devices. This is the same as the Vudu on Firestick Guide.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch – Guide

Nintendo Switch is a trendy gaming console device for the kids. Having a vast collection of games, the Nintendo Switch is the prime choice to go with. The main feature of this console is the limitless HD Resolution for the better gaming experience. To support the gaming experience, there are some additional features so you can install various streaming applications on the console like YouTube, Netflix, etc. here is the complete guide to download and install Netflix on Nintendo Switch. Follow the below guide to get Netflix.

  1. Set up Nintendo Switch on Your TV
  2. Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch
  3. Alternative Method

The complete step by step guide that you can follow quickly and simply without any problem is here.

Setup Switch on the TV



First of all, you have to integrate and set up the Switch on your Television. Netflix is not directly available on the Apps store of Nintendo, so we have to follow and indirect method to install Netflix. In this method, we should have to set up the Nintendo Switch with our Television. Follow the steps now.

  • Open Back Cover of Nintendo Switch to start connecting it to the TV.
  • Give Propper power connection to Nintendo Switch. Pick up and AC Adapter, then connect one end of the AC Adapter to the USB plug of Nintendo switch and then connect the other end of AC Adapter with the Wall outlet.
  • Now get an HDMI Cable, insert one end of HDMI Cable to the HDMI Port of Television and insert another end on the HDMI Port of Nintendo Switch.
  • Turn-On your TV on with you was connecting the Nintendo switch.
  • Chose the correct HDMI port number in which you have inserted the HDMI Cable of Nintendo Switch.
  • Start your Nintendo Switch device. Now The screen will be displayed on the TV Screen.
  • Open the Home Menu option on the Nintendo.

Install Netflix on Switch

The device is now connected with the television screen with ultra-high resolution. The next step is to install the Netflix Application on the Switch to watch it on the television screen. Now follow the below steps.

  • Login to the Nintendo Switch
  • Go to the Home Menu Option
  • Select eShop icon on the Home Screen
  • Type “Netflix” on the search box and press the Enter button or click OK button
  • A list will appear on the screen. Find Netflix Logo there and click on the logo
  • Click on the install button and wait for a while
  • After installations, go to the home page again and open the Netflix application by tapping on the App icon.
  • A login screen will be displayed. Enter your login ID/Email and Password and enjoy the Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

Alternative Method to Install Netflix on Switch

As we promised that we would also share an alternative method to install the Netflix application on your switch device, this is called the “Netflix on Switch Hack.” You can try this hack with your Nintendo device without any worry. In other words, Netflix on the switch is a straightforward hack.

  1. Download the Netflix Installation Package File in your computer system
  2. Connect your Nintendo Switch with the computer with a USB Cable
  3. Copy the installation file in your Nintendo Switch console
  4. Disconnect the Nintendo from your computer system.
  5. Open the File Manager
  6. Find the Installation Package file.
  7. Open the Installation file.
  8. Click on the install button to start the Netflix Installation Process.
  9. Wait for a while
  10. Done
  11. Netflix is installed on the Switch device
  12. Go to the Home Page of Nintendo console and click on the Netflix logo to start the Netflix application.

Editor Review

This article is all about Netflix Nintendo Switch Hack. The non-technical people can also follow our simple guide and can use this simple hack to get some benefits. There is no illegal thing in this article. These guides are 100% working and tested.

You can enjoy this guide and can do more things with your Nintendo Switch. Don’t waste your time and do something new and learn something new. Please share this guide with your friends so they can also learn something new. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask anything by commenting below on this article.

FAQs About Netflix on Switch

Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, but it is unofficial.

Is Netflix on Switch?

No, The Switch does not support Netflix.

Why is Netflix not on Switch?

Netflix is not on the Nintendo switch. I think Nintendo does not want Netflix on it.

Netflix release date on Switch?

According to our sources, there is no confirmed date of its release.

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