How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 18.x & Firestick – Latest Hack

Hi! If you are using Kodi for many years, then it’s great to have you here. You haven’t seen or hear to use Ares Wizard Build on your Kodi device. Unfortunately, some time ago, the Ares project was canceled. Some legal and critical problems are the causes of this happening. But now I am glad to tell you about this, it is back with the new update, and you can Install with more easy ways on Kodi 18/ 18.5 Leia.

The Ares Wizard doesn’t support any type of entertainment after the new update has been launched. In the latest update, you can only use maintenance tools that we used to fix and optimize the Kodi cache. It is not offering any entertainment data like TV Shows / Movies now, but still, it’s an essential utility to install on your Kodi device. This tool also helps to recover your data and backup of your data before resetting on Kodi and other devices. Further, There are no Kodi buffering issues now in this latest updated Ares Wizard on Kodi.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi – Tutorial

Here in the tutorial, we will teach you how you can install the Ares Wizard on Kodi with no efforts and having zero experience. Certainly, This wizard provides you the tons of services, including maintenance tools for your Kodi device. Ares wizard was the necessary and vital need of every Kodi user when this wizard was not closed.

In the new update, only limited options are available. You can only use this Wizard for limited purposes. Indeed, you can use this updated Ares Wizard just for the maintenance of the Kodi Device and removing the cache of the device. This will help you with smooth playbacks on your devices. Buffering issues can also be solved via this updated Pack of the Ares Wizard. Amazon firestick 4K is the best Kodi Box for using the Ares Wizard Tool.

Important Notice

Streaming copyright content is unlawful and should not be practiced at home. Firestick Tricks do not host or link to the copyright streams. You can use this trick if you just wanted to install Ares Wizard for movies / TV shows. Copyrighted Streams are prohibited and not allowed.

Pre-Requirements for Installing Ares Wizard Add-on

The Ares Wizard is a third party application. This is not the official application to use on Kodi Devices. So, to install this Wizard, you have to follow the steps to allow the installation of these types of Add-ons on Kodi Devices.

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

Firstly, I am going to tell you that there are some security features in the Kodi and firestick that restricts the installation of this tool. So, You have to follow some steps to change the Kodi setting to install the Ares Wizard on Firestick and Kodi. Enabling installation from unknown sources is an essential step before installing these types of Add-on on Kodi.

  1. By Clicking on the “Cog Icon” on the Upper-Left of the window, Open “Settings” tab from the “Home Screen” of Kodi Device.
    settings-icon-kodi ares wizard
  2. Click “System” (for Kodi 18.x) or Click “System Settings” (for Kodi 17.6)Open System Setting to Install Add-on System Setting Install Kodi
  3. Now Click “Add-ons” on the Left Side.Now Click “Add-ons” on the Left Side.
  4. Then click “Unknown Sources” on the right side. Now “Switch On” the Unknown Sources Option.kodi-add-on-install-unknown-sources
  5. Click “Yes” when Prompted.enable installations from unknown sources

Now the installations from unknown sources are enabled in the Kodi device settings or the Amazon Fire Tv Stick or PC Version. Now, you can easily install the wizard on the Kodi, Lia, and Krypton devices. Following is the guide to install the wizard on the Kodi device.

Install Ares Wizard on Kodi, Lia, Firestick and Krypton Devices

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Below is the complete step by step guide and tutorial for installing this Add-on on any Kodi or firestick device. You can easily install this Add-on on your device by following this simple step by step guide. The below guide is wholly tested and 100% working guide. Just follow the steps and solve your Kodi buffering issues. Besides, I attached screenshot images to the guide. So, everyone can follow this guide easily.

  1. Open Setting Menu

    First of all Open the Kodi or Firestick Application on Your device or TV. After that open the “Settings Menu” by clicking the “Settings” Button Icon located on the top left side of the screen.settings-icon-kodi ares wizard

  2. Open File Manager

    There you will see a list of options. Now open the “File Manager” from the listed option menu.kodi-file-manager install ares wizard

  3. Select Add Source Option

    Another list of options will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Click on the “Add Source” option from that displayed list.add-source-kodi-ares-addon

  4. Select None Option

    A prompt will be displayed on the screen. Select the “<None>” option and click on “Browse” Button for the searching of media

  5. Download Ares Wizard on Kodi

    Now type the Ares Wizard downloading URL in the prompt bar or you can also Copy Paste the link that is given below. URL in The field

  6. Add Name for The Add-on

    Now below on the screen, there will be an option to enter the name for the Wizard Add-on of media you select. Enter your desired name that you like and recognize and identify later. And I’m going to choose ‘Ares” for this Tutorial Guide.add name to the ares wizard

  7. Open Add-on Menu

    Get back to the Kodi Home Screen now by clicking the back button from the TV Remote. After that, click on the “Add-ons” button from the setting’s menu on the left side of the screen.Now Click “Add-ons” on the Left Side.

  8. Click Folder or Box Icon

    Click the Folder or Box Icon on the top left side of the screen.package-installer-kodi

  9. Install from Zip File

    A list of options will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Select the “Install from zip file” option from that menu.install-from-zip-file

  10. Select Ares Wizard

    A prompt menu will be displayed on the screen. Click the “Ares” that we created above.install-ares-wizard-on-kodi-2

  11. Select The Ares Zip File

    As a result, the options will be displayed on the main screen. Select “script.areswizard-0.0.69.ziphow-to-install-ares-wizard-on-kodi-3

  12. Wait for a Little Time

    You have to wait for a little time. The Ares Wizard Add-on will be installed shortly on your Kodi Device. It can take several minutes to install. A notification on the top right corner will be displayed that the Ares Wizard is now installing on your Kodi

That’s all. After performing all the given steps, you will have Ares Wizard successfully installed on your Kodi device. If you are facing any problem or issue with any of the above steps, you can also leave a comment below. I would be happy to assist you.

Tools Provided by Latest Ares Wizard Updated

Tools provided by ares wizard

Ares wizard is bundled with excellent tools that can help the user in many ways. We have also listed the vital tools that this Add-on provides for free. Below is the list of the tools that is prebuilt with the Ares Wizard. You can check out and use these excellent tools for different purposes.

  • Handy Ram Detection Tool
  • Maintenance Tool
  • Backup Utility
  • System Information Tool
  • Kodi Log Uploader
  • Internet Speed Test Tool
  • Fresh Start Tool
  • Force Close Kodi Shortcut.
  • And many more.
Handy Ram Detection Tool

This tool is an advantageous option in this wizard. This tool helps the user to adjust and fix the Kodi cache automatically. This is the AI tool that allows the users to set up the Kodi Cache.

Maintenance Tool

The Maintenance tool allows the user to delete thumbnails, packages, and cache/temp files. Moreover, The user can easily delete the unwanted files via this tool. Users can also perform these actions directly from the Android settings on the respective device.

Backup Utility

The Backup Utility is a great tool and option. You can use this tool if you want to back up your Kodi installations once you have it, exactly how they would like. The users can also take backup files, and even share it with their friends who can restore through this excellent tool.

Ares Wizard Build Not Working

I keep getting this question frequently, why Ares Wizard is not working on Kodi Devices. Well, as I said before this tutorial, the Ares project was shut down due to lawsuits in the US State. That’s why the Ares Project is now back, and now it only works as a tool to fix Kodi errors and buffering issues.

My Review

Hence, This Wizard is a very useful Add-on to install on the Kodi and Amazon firestick. Ares Wizard is a Free Add-on for Kodi, which can be downloaded for free. In this article, So, we have explained every information about installing this Add-on on Kodi, Lia, Krypton, and firestick. Hence, you can also read how to install Vudu on firestick.

Therefore, If you still have any questions regarding the installation guide or downloading the app, you can also let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

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