How to Install Hulu on FireStick/Fire TV (Detailed Guide) in 2020

Are you in search of a good streaming app? You want an app on which you can experience high-level streaming quality. Don’t go anywhere. Here on our website, answers to all of your questions and things that you need are available. Now You can Install Hulu On Firestick. I am sure that you have already heard about Hulu Application. Ok! If you have no idea about Hulu, I am here to introduce you Hulu App.

Hulu is the best streaming App in the United States. Extraordinary, countless, and enjoyable video content is available on Hulu. Thousands of Movies and Shows are available on Hulu. If you haven’t yet Install Hulu on Firestick, I think you are not adequately enjoying your life. Now we will guide you About installation of Hulu App on Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV.

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

You can watch TV shows, Live TV Channels and Movies on the Hulu App. Moreover, you can watch Live Sports and Music Events from all over the world on Hulu (The Best Streaming App). Do you have an Amazon FireStick? Did you not install Hulu Application on Fire TV yet? If yes, then Why?

Make sure to install the Hulu app on Amazon Fire TV as early as possible to get the best live streaming. And if you don’t know how to install the Hulu app, then don’t worry. The simple and straightforward answer to your question “How to Install Hulu on FireStick” is here.

Here in this guide, I will discuss two easy ways to install and download Hulu for FireStick & Fire TV. I request you to keep reading this Tutorial. The two simple ways to install Hulu for FireStick are the following:

  • Direct Install Hulu from Amazon Store
  • An indirect Way to Install Hulu Fire TV APK

Method 1: Install Hulu on FireStick through Amazon Store

I think Amazon Store is known to everyone. We can’t imagine a person who is unaware of the Amazon App Store. You can find Hulu easily on Amazon Store. Yes! Hulu is available on Amazon Store, and you can directly Install Hulu on Amazon FireStick. But for ease, you have to follow these steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Open your FireStick Home.
  2. You can find a search tab on the Home page. Click on Search Tab
  3. In the Search tab, Type Hulu and you will find your Hulu App
  4. Download Hulu App on FireStick by clicking on Download
  5. Wait till its Downloading
  6. Click on the Open Button when it is downloaded
  7. If you are opening Hulu on Amazon FireStick outside the US, then you will face a Geo-Restriction error.
  8. To avoid geo-restrictions, Download a VPN and connect to a US Server.
  9. After connecting to a US server, open your HULU on FireStick again.
  10. Select Login or Free Trial and Start Streaming.

Congrats! You have successfully done your task of Installing Hulu on Fire TV.

Method 2: Indirect Way to Install Hulu FireStick App

Installing Hulu on FireStick App by the second method is very simple, secure, and straightforward.

  1. Go to Fire TV Stick Home
  2. Now click on the SETTINGS
  3. From various options, select My Fire TV
  4. Right Click on the Developer Option
  5. Then, Turn on the option “Apps from Unknown Source ON“.
  6. Go Back to FireStick Home
  7. Then Click on the search bar icon
  8. Search downloader and find the app
  9. Click Download and then Click Open
  10. Enter: “HuluPress” Go and your Download will start automatically
  11. When it gets installed, you have to delete the dialogue box two times
  12. Long press Home button on your Firestick remote for 5 seconds
  13. Click on Application and Open Hulu Firestick App
  14. In this way, you can get Hulu on the Amazon Fire Stick TV App

Important Note

Before using this method to Download Hulu on the Fire TV App, you have to use a VPN. It does not matter which VPN you are using, just connect a VPN. A US IP address is required. VPN also keep you secure and protected.

How to Use Hulu on FireStick outside US and Canada

If you want to watch Hulu Live TV on Firestick from outside the US or Canada, you must follow these four steps:

  • Download and Install VPN like SurfShark
  • Enter Login and Password
  • Connect to US server
  • Open Hulu App and Enter Email and Password

How to Update Hulu on FireStick

It is widespread that updates of Apps appear after a time interval. Then, you have to update your app for a better experience. In the same way, the Hulu update on FireStick comes, but you don’t know how to update Hulu on FireStick more naturally and easily. Now I am going to talk about updating Hulu on Amazon FireStick. I have a simple method to update Hulu n FireStick, and I am going to share this straightforward method with you guys. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Firestick Application
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Click on the Applications option
  4. There is an option named Managed Installed Applications, open it
  5. Click on Hulu
  6. There will be an updated option. You have to click on it
  7. Update of Hulu on Firestick will start Automatically
  8. If there is no option of the upgrade, it means your Hulu app on Firestick is already updated.

Understand? If you don’t tell us about your problem in the comments section given at the last of this post. We will reply to you and will provide you with an excellent solution to your problem.

What if Hulu is Not Working on FireStick?

Many times in the comment section, people ask for the solution to the problem that Hulu is not working on FireStick. You have not to worry because it is a common issue that can be solved by a simple solution.

No doubt, Hulu is the best app on FireStick for Streaming Movies and other video content. But the problem is that you may face issues while watching Hulu on Amazon FireStick. We guided you to solve the various issues. Run the Troubleshooting for Hulu not working on FireStick. You need to follow the steps mentioned below if Hulu is unable to work on your FireStick.

1# Restart your FireStick Device

You can fix your problem by restarting your FireStick Device. If Hulu is not working on Firestick, then should restart your Firestick device. To reset your Firestick device, unplug the wire of your Firestick Device, TV, and the Router. After a minute, plug them back. In this way, you can restart your device and get rid of the many issues, including Hulu, not working on FireStick.

2# Check Connections

There might be a problem with your connections. You need to check all of your connections if you are facing Hulu not working problem. Hulu requires some primary connections. Your connections should match the Hulu requirement. If requirements are right, then upgrade the internet connection.

3# Check Hulu Update

Sometimes the steps mentioned above are not able to solve your problem. In this case, you need to check the version of your Hulu app on FireStick. You must use the latest version of Hulu to avoid problems. If the version of Hulu is old, update your Hulu app. Above, I have mentioned the easy way to update Hulu on Firestick. By adopting these steps, you can solve the problem of Hulu not working on FireStick.

Free Hulu on FireStick:

There is a free trial to watch Live TV shows and Movies on Hulu FireStick. But you will not be able to stream videos on Hulu on FireStick when the trial period is over. At this stage, you have to pay Hulu for watching seasons and other video content. Let me tell you the cost of Amazon Prime Subscription and Hulu. You have to pay $8.25 per month for the Subscription of Amazon Prime. Moreover, you have to pay $7.99 per month additional for the Hulu on FireStick.

From this Article, you can understand that Hulu is not free except for the trial period.

Hulu App Alternatives:

Trust me, and I am honestly saying that there is no other app better than Hulu on FireStick for streaming videos. But many people do not want to spend money on Hulu, or they can’t afford Hulu cost. Such people are in search of other streaming apps that are free of charge. Only for those people, I have a list of best Hulu App Alternatives:

• TeaTV App
Vudu App
• Solex TV App
• Eternal TV

You can check the Vudu Guide on our website, ALITECHHUB.


Is Hulu free on FireStick?

No, it is not free. You have to pay for its cost.

Is VPN is necessary for Hulu working?

Yes, VPN is a must. Without using a VPN, you can’t enjoy Hulu in many countries.

How to fix Hulu?

If you are facing problems while using Hulu, you can solve them by connecting a VPN or by restarting Firestick.


Hello Readers! I am writing this guide to teach you how to download and install Hulu on Firestick quickly and straightforwardly. I answered your most asked questions. By reading this article, you will able to watch Hulu LIVE TV on Firestick. Make sure to share your views and experience with Hulu App with us.

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