New Best FireDL Codes List for Firestick, Kodi -【Working】

Android smartphones are becoming very popular now these days. Every person has its own Android phone. Android phones allow us to download and store every type of files including android games and applications. Usually, every one of us is tired from the long and time taking process of downloading apps and games in our Android smartphones and mobiles. The List of FireDL Codes is very helpful in 2020 to get rid of this long downloading process.

If you are getting frustrated from this time-wasting process of downloading the android apps in your android mobile phones or Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, then the Firedl codes 2020 are very helpful for you. These codes allow users to install applications with a single short code. The user doesn’t need to follow any guide or process to download any application in their devices like Android phones, Amazon Firestick and Fire TV.

The demand for firedl Apk and codes is increasing day by day. Peoples are loving the functionality of this application. The most advantage of this application is that it is also working on the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. You can easily install this application on firestick and fire TV and can get the advantage of the firedl codes 2020. It is designed for all Android devices along with Android TV/ BOX, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, and other devices.

What is FireDL Apk

FireDL is an Android Application developed by the AidyMatic Company. With the Firedl Application, the users can download images, zips, documents or any other files easily on their device without any interruption. Using this application is very simple. Enter the FireDL codes of the file that you want to download and then press on the download button. Now the Application will automatically start the downloading process.

The firedl application is becoming very popular with the peoples who regularly download something on their mobile phones. Thousands of apps are releasing every day and we cannot download them by searching the names. Searching the applications by their names copying and pasting the URL to download any application is really very hard. You can easily download applications in your mobiles, Firestick and Fire TV. Firedl codes are the best approach to do this job quickly and easily.

FireDL Codes List 2020

In general, peoples search for their desired application on different platforms and download the app manually or copy the downloading URL of the app and download the app. This process sucks and wastes our lot of time. You can simply use the field codes to do this job for you quickly. The latest FireDL codes are available below. FireDL codes list Firestick, FireDL code Kodi are provided separately below.

FireDL New Codes to install Latest APK, Kodi Builds, Add-ons

This app and firedl codes 2020 will be very helpful for you to save a lot of your time in your daily life. By using the firedl app and codes, you can download various apps and games in your devices easily and quickly. The following are the latest firedl codes 2020 with full details.

Latest Apk Installation Codes List

Application NameFireDL Codes List
Aptoide TV535222
Digibit VPN829111
Flamed TV Launcher 1.1.5539305
Kodi 17.6 64 Bit APK Android296282
Mouse Toggle 1.09300008
Kodi 17.6 32 Bit APK Android296283
Movie HD 4.5.5440289
Newest Movies v 1.4539401
VLC 2.0.6 ARMv7300014
Play! Genesis300003
Wifi Tuner Beta111333
Red Box TV693082
Yes Player (For use with Terrarium)623213
Smart YouTube TV - (Kids version)251298
Ultimate Mania Beta 1.0548269
SPMC – 16.7.1 Official440924
USTV 4K050504
SPMC 17.6a2535223
Terrarium TV 1.9.0 Official373254

FireDL Codes List for Kodi v.0.15

The following are the latest codes for the Kodi v0.15. By using this Kodi codes list, you can download various apps and games in your Kodi Device easily and quickly.

Application NameFireDL Codes List For Kodi
One Alliance Lite Build206207
Kt 17.6.3 build760516
Nvidia Big Build967928
Diggz Xenon Build For Kodi 17473156
Secret Repo862040
Gameflix build for Kodi for retro game fans369210
Links Nox3795069
Add it to your favorites057642
Diggz Kodi 17.x build Twilight13628
New Nvidia build860079
EZStream TV for Kodi053165
Kt 17.6.3 build138628
SPMC 16 customization ver 1.7051597
Links Nox2602636
Diggz Xenon Kodi 17.x Build781785

FireDL Codes List for Amazon Firestick 2020

Amazon Firestick is the most advanced and popular online movie steaming device. peoples are demanding the codes list for Firestick and Fire TV. Here we are going to provide the most used and updated codes list of 2020 for Firestick and Fire TV Devices.

Below are the most commonly used and working FireDL codes list that is used in Amazon Firestick and Fire TV.

Amazon Firestick Codes List 2020

Application NameFireDL Codes List for Amazon Firestick
Cinema APK355256
Durex Kodi Build908034
Terrarium TV FireDL Code666244
Kodi 17.6999000
ES Explorer 4.1.6300010
Bobby Movie680032
Live Net TV790249
MX Player278885
FreeFlix HQ452090
Morph TV355326
IPTV App680018
HBO Movies680010
Mobile TV680028
Live NetTV(Fire Devices)680013
Geo Streamz680025

FireDL Codes List for Kodi Add-Ons and Kodi Builds

Kodi Add-ons are very trending these days. these codes are very rare and not available anywhere else openly. these are the best useful codes for Kodi add-ons. Below are the most commonly used and working FireDL codes list Kodi Add-ons.

Kodi Add-Ons List 2020

Application NameCodes List for Kodi Add-ons
Kodi Krypton (Kodi)368921
Kodi (64Bit)205741
Kodi 17.3781861
Kodi 17.4 32bit Arm (Firesticks)831177
Beast Build Kodi 17.4424352
Blackice v5 Kodi Add-on336209
Uno Streams Kodi Addon118102
Kodi 17.4 64Bit359045
Kodi Vegas Mc 17.3867083
Kodi 17.4 32Bit370660
Blackice V2 Kodi add-on118938
Bucks Build Kodi 17 Version980004
Kodi 17.3 with Pulse Repo Installed620044
Bucks Build Kodi 16 Version980003
Kodi 17.3+Ares929273
Kodi_forkmade++16.1/Flipmode Buffalony484101

Kodi Builds Codes List 2020

Application NameKodi Builds Codes List 2019
One Alliance Lite Build206207
Secret Repo862040
Kt 17.6.3 build760516
Links Nox3795069
Links Nox2602636
Diggz Kodi 17.x build Twilight138628
Kt 17.6.3 build188795
New Nvidia build860079 -
Diggz Xenon Kodi 17.x Build781785
Kt build 17.6605917
Diggz Xenon Build For Kodi 17473156
SPMC 16 customization ver 1.7051597
GenTec Build Kodi 17.6650943
Xxx build295253
Kt build 17.6208995
Kodi 17.3 with Pulse Repo Installed620044
BK Links Ser2737172
Ptv sports update386794

Editors Review

We have provided the most usable Codes List 2020 of different apps and Kodi builds. You can download the Apps by just putting the code in the FireDL Application. These Codes will reduce all your efforts and save you r time in installing the Apps. We suggest the peoples install FireDL App and use the FireDL New Codes which is the best way to download different apps in Firestick and Fire TV.