How to Activate FandangoNOW Account – Detailed Guide

FandangoNOW is an old movie company that was founded on April 27, 2000. That was a tiny startup, but the company started growing day by day. The original name of this company was Fandango, but the company was rebranded early in 2016, and the new name that was decided is FandangoNOW. It all happened because Fandango acquired the most popular Video on Demand service first in 2016. You can enjoy the Movies and TV Shows services on your Ruku Remote Device because the Fandangonow is entirely compatible with the Movies Anywhere Digital Rights Locker and Ruku Devices. You just have to Activate Fandangonow on your Roku remote device. But do you know how to activate the FandangoNOW account?

The activation process is straightforward and easy. You can follow the given step by step guide to activating it on your Roku devices. There are moreover 90,000 new releases, classic favorites, and TV shows – all of these are fully subscription-free. You can watch the Trailers and Browse the available stuff for free and without any Account. The Fandangonow Activation and Account is only required when you want to rent or purchase any movie, serial, or subscription. Follow out below guide for FandangoNOW account Activation.

FANDANGONOW- Account-Activate

How to Activate FandangoNOW Account

FandangoNow Account is not tough to activate. Here is the simple guide for FandangoNOW activates an account for Ruku. Follow the step by step guide.

  • Turn on your laptop or computer.
  • Open the FandangoNOW Activation Page by typing in your browser.
  • Navigate to Activation Page or
  • Now Start the Ruku on your TV Screen.
  • Read the 5-Digit Activation code showing on your TV Screen.
  • Input the 5-Digit Activation code on the Page.
  • Click on the Activate Button.
  • All Done. The account will be activated now.

You can activate your account by performing the above steps correctly. Now you can also buy, rent, or watch movies and TV Serials on your Ruku, Television, and laptop, etc. Once the FandangoNow account is activated, you can view different movies like Creed II.

Activation Page

You have to navigate to the activation page to input your 5-Digit FandangoNOW Activate Code. Click the below button to open the Activation page to enter your correct 5 Digit Code.

Contact FandangoNOW Activate Help

You can always call for help about FandangoNOW Activation or any other problem you are facing. There is a dedicated support forum for the users. You can go to the forum and ask your questions related to how to activate FandangoNOW and other procedures related to its Activation and Services. You can also ask questions by commenting on this post. Feel free to ask us any questions. Click the below button to open the official support forum to get answers to your questions.

Fandango Promo Codes

Everyone knows the fandango is a paid subscription. You can watch the trailers and browse the available stuff free of cost, but you have to pay if you want to rent or buy any movie, subscription, etc. The Promo Code offered by the FandangoNOW Company solved this problem. You can apply and use promo code to get some discount or get a complete movie for free by applying the coupon code or promo code.

Fandango Gift Cards

The company also offers gift cards. This technique is based on the reward system. These gift cards are the free promo codes by the company. You can use it for different purchases on FandangoNOW. These gift cards are free but are very limited in amount. The company uses these cards for the promotion of their products, movies, and serials.

Final Verdict

This guide on how to activate FandangoNow was all about the activation process. The purpose of this guide is to teach our users how to activate the FandangoNow Account on Roku devices without any problem. Feel free to contact us at any time, and don’t forget to comment on this post to let us know about your feedback on this guide.

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