How to Change DPI Size of an Image – Best Guide

Here we learn How to change DPI of pictures, posters, magazine images, and images of different sizes and set them to varying resolutions as needed. It seems too easy to print the image or photo, but it may be a difficult task when the DPI value mismatch or printer prints the blurry image or unexpected size. To avoid such issues, we need to set it first.

What is DPI

The DPI stands for Dots-Per-Inch. It means how many dots, images contain in every inch. The higher DPI means the higher resolution of an image and similarly low DPI means, the lower resolution. The quantity of an image relay on the DPI and Resolution. The ordinary household printer has 300 dpi approximately, and professional printers contain much more than to create high-quality images. The appearance of pictures and images depends directly on the DPI and resolution of it. Now we learn to check present DPI of image and then change DPI according to requirements.

Change DPI of Image

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Different Methods to Change DPI of an Image

Many different methods used to change it effectively like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and using Paint tools, etc. To check the current DPI just right click on the picture in Windows. Open properties from the menu then select the Detail. Then from an image, carefully review the Horizontal and Vertical resolution values. These are present DPI (Dot Per Inch) of the picture. Now you can change it according to your needs or according to your device compatibility. Here we discuss three primary methods.

Change DPI of an Image by Adobe Photoshop

Change DPI Size in Photoshop

The DPI is the only measurement of print resolution. The size of the image, picture or file cannot be changed by changing the value of DPI. That image you should think print before the crop. It is the best idea to set the resolution of an image.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop
  • Just Paste an image in Adobe Photoshop
  • Got to Image > Image Size
  • Then uncheck Resample Image
  • Go to Resolution change its value and notice how the Width and Height values also changed
  • By this process, you can maximize and minimize the DPI.

Change DPI of an Image in GIMP

Change DPI in GIMP

The GIMP stands for GNU-Image-Manipulation-program. It is an open-source image editing software. One can easily use it to change the DPI of an image.

  • To change DPI in GIMP. Start GIMP
  • Now Click Image > Print Size
  • Now Put your required value in X-Resolution and Y-Resolution
  • Make sure that the quality of the pic remains good to use the DPI should not be too low.

Change DPI of an Image Using Paint

change dpi in paint

The image resolution is also significant in graphics or social media platform. Sometimes the websites or apps require low-resolution images, which makes trouble for the user. Now we learn how to decrease or increase DPI by using simple MS PAINT which is available in windows.

  • Just Open your image in MS PAINT.
  • From the menu, select File and then Properties.
  • Check current Resolution from File Attribute.
  • Click in the Pixel Checkbox. Then, you can change the length and width of the image.

How to change DPI of the Image in Mac

Similarly, Mac users can also adjust the size of their image like windows very easily.

  • Just open your image in Preview.
  • Click on Tools and then Adjust Size.
  • Uncheck the box label as Resample Image.
  • By using Inches, you can change the size of an image.

Make sure pic contain at least 300 pixels per inch for best resolution.

Change DPI of an Image Online

The one can change DPI manually and online by using different DPI converters like Clideo. You need to open these converts and select the desired image and change its DPI. Many other options are also available like Google Converter etc.

Change the DPI of Image

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